Free Love

I had an inane conversation with someone i work with today. What’s new pussycat? But she raised some interesting points. She’s mid-fifties and was espousing the virtues of being young in the 1960’s. I told her there was something special about being young in any era (regular readers of my vitriolic outpourings will know i have an uncomfortable regard for youth). She disagreed.

I concede that the 1960’s were particurlarly poignant, both politically and culturally, but i maintained my position and she did little to disuade me (again, regular readers will know that along with vitriol and a strange fondness for children, i am also an obstinate cunt who thinks she knows it all).

The thing is; in the 50’s there was rock n roll and post-war freedoms. In the 60’s there was the black civil rights movment, sexual liberation and The beatles. In the 70’s there was disco, punk and the emergence of ska…. bla bla.

She was giving it, ‘you don’t understand, there’s been nothing LIKE the 60’s’. How would SHE know? The whole point about sub-cultural appropriation by young people is that you’re SUPPOSED to think it’s shit.You’re supposed to get it wrong. You’re excluded.

So fuck off, you boring old cunt.


What the FUCK is an EMO, anyway?


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