Blurred Lines



Dear Dad,


I just want to thank you for your involvement in the creation of the music video and lyrical content of Blurred Lines. The production was fucking aces, and treble kudos on getting Diane Martel to direct it, a huge Hip Hop pedigree and a chance to deflect any negativity about the themes in the video/ lyrics.


Listen, I just want to thank you, man. You’ve given me something to aim for in life. I’ve learnt that it’s ok for men to address me as bitch, and I’ve learnt that a guy is luckiest if he talks to me and “I’m the hottest bitch in this place.” I’ve also learnt that in order to be hot, I should get naked and have the sort of body that most women cannot reasonably attain without surgery/ starvation.


I’ve learnt that it’s cool as fuck to have three men at least a decade older than me stand around fully clothed while I parade in thong underwear, as they sing songs about splitting my anus open with their penis.


I’ve been encouraged by the idea that it’s up to men to either “domesticate” or “liberate” me, and that “I’m an animal” and that “It’s in my nature.” Phew. For one uncomfortable moment, I thought I might have choices.


It’s come as quite a relief to me that I don’t have to consider whether or not “I want it”, because – apparently- men know what I want.  And I want it. That line “I’m a nice guy, but don’t get it confused, you’re getting’ it”? It just cleared up everything for me.


Since the music was so innovative, you had an opportunity to deflect from the “This is what bitches are..” schtick, but thank GOD you didn’t. I could be living in a world where rape, domestic violence statistics, wealth distribution, political and big business representation and societal pressures were reduced if men within popular culture took some more responsibility for loving and respecting women, and who needs that shit?


I like men hating me when I don’t measure up to gormless, physically perfect women on tv. I like hating myself as well. At least I think I do *giggle* , can you let me know dad?



Yours sincerely,


The daughters of Mr Williams, Thicke and Harris.



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