How to Currie Favour

It takes a very special level of cunt to be able to go on television and say to a much younger reality television personality that they should live their lives for other people, when they effectively handed the keys of a hospital to a paedophile who went on to sexually abuse many of the patients in his care.


I mean, that is next-level cuntery, surely?


All those cunts in the cunt factory and she’s managed to edge right in front by stating that she felt it wrong for aforementioned personality to leave her kids for three weeks to go on telly, when she was once Health Secretary and is quoted as saying, ‘Good Christian people don’t get AIDS…”


For those of you with better things to do, I’m talking about Edwina Currie appearing on this year’s “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” on ITV1.


Sweet Christ, she’s evil.


Most of us would hide away if we’d positioned the most notorious paedophile in British history in a place he went on to abuse great numbers; not Edwina.


She also once suggested old people who couldn’t afford their heating bills should “…wrap up warm in winter.” That’s the sort of monumental bell end we’re dealing with.


It’s no great surprise to any of us that Edwina Currie is a Tory woman.


Tory women are – without exception – the enemy of other women, never ever feminists, and are amongst the biggest man-pleasers on the planet.


I don’t like reducing any group of women to their gender, but right-wing women are an exception.


All of them – Dorries to Thatcher to Currie to Hopkins to Mensch -live for the approval of dick.


Even if you were looking for another explanation for women to be actively involved in a political identity that actively serves to undermine, marginalize and negate them, and do so fervently; coquettish giggles (Currie and Hopkins do it identically) and parliamentary love affairs give the fucking game away.


It’s a more advanced version of when women pretend to be gay and snog on nightclub dancefloors so that surrounding dickheads will find them more desirable.


Tory women protect and defend the notion of capitalism, which is inherently misogynist – and claim the feminist act is merely the fact that they’re doing it surrounded by men – because, and it’s absolutely fucking obvious, the middle-aged white men who benefit from their brand of politics are their target audience.

Mensch admits cosmetic surgery


They use right-wing politics as a glorified, “I’m not like other women” statement.


Fucking right you’re not.


And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t slut-shaming. I don’t give a shit about who or how they’ve fucked – not even Currie’s four year affair with Major (although it’s rich after her outdated morality preaching) – and I won’t get into an arena where I’ll criticize the way they look or how they parent.


I’ll leave that to the likes of them.


But I simply cannot let it go unsaid that Tory women are almost identical in temperament and motive. And Currie is no exception.


There’s no doubt about it that when commentators wrongly identify a right-wing woman as a feminist, it hurts more. I feel sadder when someone with a fanny subscribes to ideas that make things harder for both themselves, and me. But I reconcile myself with the fact that they’re much bigger victims of patriarchy than I, and if the pursuit of the D is that important to them – and it clearly is – it’s just another reason for the rest of us to fight.

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Fuck me, that Currie is a jeb though…


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