Boring Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn lacks charisma. Views on him range from, “Nice guy, but lacking in the personal charisma needed to lead a party…”, to “Dangerous man living in the past and forcing the Labour Party into a black hole, because of personal ego.”


The general consensus – outside of his support – is:





Well, let’s have a look at the first point; Corbyn as lacking in charisma.


I’m calling bullshit on charisma in British politics, full stop. There is more charismatic appeal in waiting for a three minute YouTube advert to finish, than there is in the whole of Westminster. Charismatic people don’t get involved in organised politics, because at the crux of British politics is middle-aged flirting, upper-middle class passive aggression and an overwhelming passion for the sound of one’s own voice.


We don’t need occasional documentaries on the inner machinations of parliament. We could just go to any M & S, or John Lewis, in the busy festive period and see posh, old, white, angry, entitled people flirt and fight with other first hand.


Farage is charismatic. What? The chinless, brown-toothed, ex-banker, Nazi whose voice has the same sort of sing-song lyricism as the fella who reads out the football scores on a Sunday? Fuck off. Fuck all the way off.


Johnson is charismatic. The Eton-educated fella waggling his feet in a harness while suspended from a bungee, with a haircut that looks like someone’s been at him with a pair of hedge-trimmers? Once again, the panel don’t think he’s quite ready for Charisma Boot Camp.


Blair? Ruthless, joker-smile mother fucker who took us to an illegal war while pretending to like rock music and guitars. Blair was that teenaged lad at parties desperately trying to acquire his own weed, then trying to find someone who knew how to skin up, before vomiting in the front garden at half ten. Does not being able to smoke marijuana make you lacking in charisma? Possibly not. But I’m fairly sure needing press opportunities with Noel Gallagher and Gordon Ramsey, and using D:Reams ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ as a campaign song is a decisive indicator.


In any case, charisma – or lack of it – is too wildly bandied around when it comes to British politics and, particularly, politicians.


Professional politicians are the sort of oddballs that have a place to congregate and shag each other and direct their privileged tight-lipped rage, instead of working in their rightful position as GP Receptionists or Pervy Uncles.


Should we be happy that it’s these people condemning many of us to unfair living conditions whilst they live their own horrific, Waitrose sponsored soap opera, jutting between supporting legislation they feel is going to benefit their long-term career prospects, or make their soap opera existence a bit more comfortable?




Should we be happy that there’s some fairly substantial evidence that many of them (across parties) have been historical paedophiles and that an independent investigation into the matter is taking years and years to even begin?




But British politicians – resolutely – aren’t charismatic. Any leaders or politicians from the past who have been posthumously granted such fairy-tale qualities, weren’t either.


And if you believe charisma exists in British politics and is an essential ingredient of party leadership, how the fuck do you explain John Major?


If John Major – and this is a lazy example – whose single most interesting quality was secretly putting his dick in Jimmy Savile enabler, Edwina Currie (herself a total bore, afforded the mythical charisma) can win an election, it proves that charisma is irrelevant.


So, that’s the first thing.


I don’t think Corbyn needs to be charismatic. He doesn’t need to be charismatic and he doesn’t need to lead a party chock-full of self-aggrandising, New Labour, middle-ground, moderate wankers who want to undermine him.


Here’s why:


People who voted Brexit weren’t all right-wing, non-thinkers. Some left-wing people who voted Brexit believed the EU shouldn’t have overridden Greek Democracy and forced them to have an austerity government. Some people who voted for Brexit had a legitimate grievance with the bureaucratic and definitely corrupt organisation that employs people like Farage and Blair. And that’s fair.


By the same token, some people voted for Hitler because he had some sound socio-economic policies. And that’s also fair.


But it led to the biggest global tragedy in the last several hundred years.


I mentioned Hitler in my previous Brexit blog post and I don’t want people to think I’m aligning Brexit to The Holocaust. I’m clearly not.


Brexit isn’t really the problem and it never was. Brexit is a symptom. The main problem is that most people voted for Brexit because of an overwhelmingly successful, insidious emergence of right-wing politics based on Nationalism.


So successful has been this extreme new right-wing agenda, that history is being completely overlooked.


America – the richest country in the world – is comprised almost ENITRELY of immigrants, and yet you have Trump successfully engaging some people in the politics of banning Muslims from America and building a wall to keep Mexicans out.


That is to say, half (possibly more) of an entire nation of historic migrants are now resolutely committed to keeping immigrants out.


That is successful indoctrination, by anyone’s standards.


As I stated in the previous blog, if you’ve ever sat at the back of a history lesson and wondered how the fuck Germans voted for Hitler. Here it is.


The Nazis were really good at rhetoric and propaganda. You can do an entire post-graduate course on Nazi Propaganda, such was its’ success.


And I have to say, Farage and Johnson were very successful with their own propaganda. Trying to serve us the dog-shit on toast, that previous generations fought for an isolated Britain, when they were fighting with allies, against Nationalism.


The main, horrible lesson from The Second World War, is that Nationalist politics are evil and that unity is beautiful. That’s it. That’s the one thing we got from it.


And here we are, nearly eighty years later, headed into what looks like the same shit.


I think Trump could win. And whether he does, or doesn’t, the success of his (and Farage’s) brand of politics has divided the entire country in much the same way Brexit did here.


When people are very poor, they are attracted to revolutionary politics. They don’t want to be poor any more. They want change. The sort of change they seek is determined by who is the most successful at political rhetoric.


This is what is most unforgivable about the Labour Party.


The poorest amongst us are ready for change. They are sick of organised politics and politicians and have been swayed by some terrible people, with terrible politics and some brilliant propaganda.


They don’t want moderate, polished politicians any more. Cameron lost his own party on that ticket. People are demanding change.


Straight after Brexit – when the media attention should have been squarely on Cameron and the state the Tories have left us in and their divided party, with no idea about how to facilitate Brexit, and the Gove/ Johnson fallout – THIS is the moment the Labour Party choose to lose confidence in Corbyn and resign in droves from his cabinet?


The absolute moment the Tories self-imploded is the moment that Labour Party politicians – allegedly so aggrieved with Corbyns management – take to lose confidence in him publically?


Let’s say you hate the fucker. Let’s say Corbyn really is an absolute tyrant surrounded by the nastiest, anti-Jew, anti-women politicians in the world. Why choose this fucking moment? Why ever work for him?


When poor people are in the most need of a left-wing voice you decide that your personal vendetta against him is more important.


If he’s a tyrant, go straight away.


If, however, as has been espoused publically, his politics are too left-wing for the Labour Party to ever win an election under him – how fucking dare you!


Upcoming electability as the Tories implode is about the least left-leaning, socially responsible agenda you could possibly have.


Trump might become president of America.


The Tories led us into an EU Referendum, with no clear idea about how it would be implemented resulting in bitter in-fighting and a divided nation.


Never has the time been riper for a discernable left position in the country. The Labour Party didn’t start out to be a middle-of-the-road, saccharine, non-committal ship-jumping crew – that’s what the Liberals are there for.


Blair won on that ticket in a time of prosperity. You don’t win over the desperate on press pictures with Noel Gallagher anymore.


We’re on the precipice of something very, very bleak and very, very dangerous, and Labour are not optionally left-wing. Or shouldn’t be.


He’s imperfect, is Corbyn. He’s a bit corduroy and he’s not the greatest public speaker but I would take him twenty times over, before a sanitised Liz Kendall who has the fucking audacity to go on Question Time and talk about Corbyn’s support of Unilateral Disarmament when Britain just voted for the fucking Nazis.


New Labour can go fuck itself. Corbyn isn’t the solution to the shit storm ahead, but he’s the nearest thing organised British politics currently has to it. Charisma, or not.


Viva Corbyn.


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